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When everyone expects to be able to see, touch, feel and experience the future, do you know how to incorporate this into your business? Whether it’s stepping into a new building, driving down an unbuilt road, holding a new product or simply providing photo realistic images, customers today demand so much more.

Our team has decades of experience in delivering 3D content, rapidly accommodating all the new technology as it comes to market and then incorporating it into real project environments. We will guide you through all the visual options and experiences available to you and make sure you find the right solution to fit your project and most importantly, your budget.

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  • Computer Generated Imagery

    CGI is the most common form of 3D and has been the foundation of our success. Our ultimate goal is to produce images that are photo-realistic. This type of imagery can replace the need for traditional photo-shoots. No-one will tell the difference.

  • Animations

    Animations take various forms at different levels of impact and complexity. Walk-throughs are natural progression for your own CGI stills and take advantage of your existing architectural models. Walk-throughs follow a path which can sometimes include parts of the model which aren’t appropriate. So why show these? We would rather consider a series of well-timed cuts, pans, sweeps, turns and reveals. This gets you to the good bits and cuts out the rest.

    Product animations can make your product look amazing! We build you a teaser campaign, a five second clip you can then follow up with the full animation. We create close up shots and intriguing reveals. Another great way to exploit your 3D model.

    Did you know You Tube now supports 360 videos? The next big thing. We explore this exciting 360 technology that exploits the giro-scope within your mobile device or tablet. Giving you the power to look around as the movie plays. This tool has elevated the customer experience with our 360 CGI Walk-through’s and videos.

  • VR and Realtime

    We create interactive and immersive experiences where you can explore your virtual environment and give your clients a complete understanding of your design. With 4K views the instant you pick the camera angle and press a button, out pops your high resolution-renders ready for you to print or add to your presentation.

    VR walk-throughs allow you to walk and look around your model even if the camera path is fixed through the experience. This give you a much more interactive experience. The explorer’s mode takes you to a new level using a games controller that allows you to feel free to move room to room and explore the environment.

    We deliver a VR Interface that delivers a fully immersive experience that can be extended to include the production of real-time configurators and real-time material selectors within your environments.

  • 360 Interactive Views

    With our high definition 360 renders, you can now show the world around you to any audience. We take our renders to the next level and encapsulate them in a beautiful user-friendly interface even adding your brand to this immersive experience. This powerful tool is the perfect way to display your design concepts.

  • Product Configurators

    Inspire your customers and drive sales by allowing them to configure your products online. With our configurator platform, MODE, you can give customers the power to configure your products from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, at home, in-store or anywhere else. It’s a dynamic system designed for your customers. A great tool for specifiers, procurers and designers.

    Click here to try the configurator for yourself.

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What our customers are saying

“We were extremely pleased with the end result”

“They created realistic images that incorporated all of our requirements and responded positively to client feedback undertaking revisions promptly. We were extremely pleased with the end result and would definitely recommend them to others requiring this service.”

– Judith Petersen, Petersen Williams LLP, RIBA Chartered Practice

“The experience I have had with the team has been outstanding”

“Working with the team was a pleasure. Their outstanding visuals have really helped give our customers an insight into our products and what it is that we produce.

With both Queensway House and St Pauls House we really wanted to get ‘real life’ visuals created to make our products stand out from our competitors.

Overall the experience I have had with the team has been outstanding and I look forward to doing more work with them.”

– James Dodd, Elevate Property Group 

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